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Retirement Planning

Food for thought

Take the guesswork out of retirement planning

Do you think you're saving enough to enjoy a financially independent retirement? If so, try this formula to find out how much it could cost just to eat during your golden years.


2      x      3      x      365 x      30    x      $      =      ?


you and            meals               days in             years in            cost per

your spouse     a day                a year               retirement        meal


Three meals a day for two people each year over 30 years is 65,700 meals. If the two of you only spend a conservative $5 total per meal, you're going to need at least $328,500.00 over the course of your retirement to cover your dining expenses.

Beware of inflation

If you think you are on track and your retirement savings look great in today's dollars, don't forget to consider the eroding effect inflation can have on the value of your assets over time. Historically, inflation, as measured by the Consumer Price Index has added greatly to the cost of a comfortable retirement. For example, what cost $5 in 1984 costs $9.09 today. That $5 just doesn't buy what it used to.

For some of you, retirement may not even be on your mind yet, but it needs to be. Please do not postpone dealing with the cost of your retirement. We have the tools and experience to help you reach your retirement goals, so give us a call or come on in to further discuss the steps that need to be taken today for a comfortable retirement tomorrow.