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Insurance has many different uses in our lives. While we are young, the major breadwinner in the family uses insurance to provide for his family's future should something happen to him/her. When we have successfully prepared for the future in the accumulation and growth phases of our plan, insurance can still come in handy.

It will pay our estate taxes to be sure our survivors get the maximum benefit from our legacy. It can also provide a special assist to certain members of our surviving family; perhaps a grandchildren's education needs or the special needs of a handicapped relative. It can also be used to support worthy goals outside our families such as our church.

Long Term Care insurance will be important in our later years especially if we develop any serious health conditions. This will make sure that our legacy is not used up in healthcare costs.

Insurance has a vital place at certain times in our lives. There are many different kinds of insurance and many different provider companies. There is whole life, universal life, variable universal life, term life, not to mention the various annuity insurance products that are available to help make sure we do not run out of money in our retirement. We will help decide what you should consider for yourself and your family.